How to Make Money by Typing — A Guide

Why not put your typing abilities to use to make money by typing if you want to earn extra money? You can find plenty of typing jobs and career possibilities with a fast search.

Make money by typing

This blog will help you gather information, find appropriate employment, and estimate income ranges. These may whether t financial freedom, but there are reliable ways to earn money.

Make Money By Typing,  A Form Of Employment?

You can indeed earn money with this method. The opportunities below are numerous. Depending on how proficient you are at typing, these jobs pay differently. If you look at the overall numbers for typing, you should know that this means fewer mistakes.

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7 Jobs Typing Online

Earn money by typing online and taking on projects. Or, you can add money to your bank account by doing concise tasks. Both that ge looking small enterprises are looking for someone who can type online.

Here are some choices for online typing jobs that can help you supplement your income.

Entry of Data

make money by typing

Entry-level positions include data entry positions. Some of these positions demand data entry expertise. Some have a plus-accuracy requirement that can reach 98%. Plus a required minimum of words per minute.

To finish this online typing job, you wiYou. So $22.8 is spent on local protective service organizations. Local protection—orphanage organizations may be able to help you find work. Through local protective service organizations or through local protective service organizations for private businesses.

Second, transcription

There are numerous varieties of transcription work available. Medical, meetings, and phone calls are a few of the tasks where you can get paid to type.

Selling small transcription services frequently entails following the instructions of your client. The lowest-paid positions are for general transcriptionists. The remuneration for work in the legal and medical fields is higher. Be cautious. You might need some knowledge of legal jargon.

Candidates that are hired must be discreet and have strong computer and listening skills. If you have test transcription work to do, there will be deadlines. A transcription test’s time limit is typically non-negotiable. Potential employers want to see if you can complete tasks swiftly and efficiently.

You’ll also need to be proficient in English. And the ability to type at least 70 words per minute. Moreover, a strong internet connection is necessary.

These typing services offer a wage of roughly $15.00 per hour.

3. Recordings of audio

Transform audio recordings of speech into text. Both audio and video files can be among them.

Journalists use this service for interviews. Moreover, video editors for captions and subtitles.

Each audio minute costs $1 at the base rate.

4. Virtual Support

With this online position, you can get money simply by typing and carrying out a few other tasks. These include activities like simple data entry and even taking calls.

Virtual assistants can do more than enter data. They can also type websites or even transcribe music.

5. Written Materials

When you want to type papers written by hand, there are various criteria. Notes written by hand need to be turned into electronic documents, which requires special skills.

The client might prefer that spelling and grammar mistakes remain in the handwritten form.

You can also be compensated for printed material.

Additionally, overnight is poised to compete with Airbnb for business.
Work requiring human intelligence
You’ll essentially be answering questions. Get paid to complete an online task. It’s an additional online revenue stream. Adding ratings and comments to images is one approach. Captcha input is also acceptable.

7. Order Entry Assistant

make money by typing

Orders must be taken, and they must be entered into the system. Send email copies to the relevant managers as well. These jobs are frequently full-time. They can pay up to $34,000 a year.

Paying Companies for Online Typing Amazon Mechanical Turk
Essentially, this is a marketplace for crowdsourcing. There are a few micro-jobs available on MTurk that include typing. Moderating content on social media and Google Docs are some examples.

Get paid via a US bank account or an Amazon gift card.


This business provides all types of transcription work. Typically, that comes out to be around $0.60 per minute. Obtain payment via PayPal.

Transcribe Me

Here, some people make as much as $2200 per month. Or, other people work a few hours a month and make $250. Another online typing job that pays via PayPal.

One of our areas of expertise is legal transcription at Speak Write. High earners have a monthly income of $3,400. You must be an excellent listener. In addition, the ability to type at a rate of 60 words per minute is required.


With prices starting at $0.40 per audio minute, you may make money online. While a foot pedal is not necessary, headphones are.

Customized Surveys

Complete the online polls. Get compensated in cash or gift cards. Here is another method for typing online to get money.

What tools are required to make money by typing online?

Good equipment is necessary for a lucrative online typing job. If you’re serious about wanting to be paid to type, you’ll need some of the things listed below.

Broadband connectivity.

Be sure to check the security and bandwidth. High-end routers are a requirement for having great Internet connectivity.
Good computer or laptop. One that can do simple word processing is what you need. in addition to the capacity to run several programs. Saving money here is not a priority.

Excellent Headset.

Make money by typing

If you want to make money online, this is crucial. Look for a product that eliminates background noise.
A reliable foot pedal. These let you pause while still allowing you to type. They boost the number of “audio hours” you produce.
You can place advertisements on your own website if you wish to market your services.

What kind of income can you get by typing?

The bottom line is how much money you do typing while you work online. Typically, word processing pays $7 to $40 per hour. Typically, a transcription job pays $15 to $45 per hour.

Nearly $4,000 is the average monthly salary for a typing job. A top earner’s monthly salary can reach $7,250. Conversely, these jobs bring in about $2,416 each month.

People who want to type words for money might choose from a range of jobs. Another choice includes copying books, including journals and manuscripts. These are just a few of the various paying typing jobs available.

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